Buyers who pay instantly through Paypal after placing an order will receive an email from noreply@ecrater.com with a subject line that reads "Rate your transaction for seller lenorestreasures". The email will contain a link that will direct the buyer to leave feedback. Unfortunately, buyers who purchase multiple listings and pay through the Paypal invoice that is sent do not receive this email and are not able to leave feedback.
Hi, I've been getting questions sent but I have no way to reply unless you leave your email address. Someone wanted 40 samples which I often do but didn't leave me their email address, when sent through ecrater it comes from them with their address. If you have any problems with the check-out process, please email me at spider69@comcast.net Please feel free to ask me anything, I want my buyers to feel safe & secure in their purchase.
I do not ship international at all. Only the US mainland. I do not know why other countries can look and purchase my items, Please do not purchase if you are not in the USA. Sorry shipping prices are just too high.
Payment is due within 3 days of placing order. It is preferred that payment is made as soon as order is placed or invoice received. Any order not paid within 3 days will be canceled.
I am currently only accepting instant payments through Paypal (No eCheck). Please make sure that your address is confirmed through Paypal before ordering as my account will not accept any payments from an unconfirmed address. I will only ship to the address provided with the Paypal payment. It is your responsibility to make sure your address through Paypal is correct before submitting payment.
All orders will ship within 24 hours or 1 business day of receiving payment. Orders will only be shipped to the Paypal confirmed address included with payment - NO EXCEPTIONS. It is your responsibility to make sure your address is correct through Paypal before submitting payment.
I do not ship international. Please do not purchase my items. The shipping charges are to high in the USA to send out to another country. I am sorry.
No I am sorry I do not ship out of the USA at this time. The prices of shipping went up double.